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Antibacterial UltraOats

Price : USD 0.70

This highly acclaimed exfoliating powerhouse is made with no animal fat or fillers and contains natural oats which moisturizes, exfoliates and clears the skin naturally.

  • No Animal Fats
  • No Synthetic Fillers
  • 100% Organic Oats
  • Palm Oil Based w/ Vitamins A & E
  • Made with Premium Grade Natural Soap Base

We offer palm oil based Ultraoats Antibacterial Soap of vegetable origin that is available in two strong fragrances. The main ingredient of the Ultraoats Antibacterial Soap is Natural Organic Oats that acts as gentle exfoliant and stimulates blood circulation. We offer the Ultraoats Antibacterial Soap in two European fragrances namely; Zesty Yellow Ultraoats Antibacterial Soap and Luxor Ultraoats Antibacterial Soap.

Ingredients :

  • Sodium palmate
  • Sodium palm kernelate
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium chloride
  • Natural oats
  • European Fragrances

Features :

  • Inhibits & kills bacteria and eliminates body odor
  • The natural oats treat and cure conditions like eczema, rashes and acne
  • Softens and soothes sensitive skin while gently cleansing away excess oil and other impurities
  • No animal fats
  • No Harmful Colourants

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